Cap 232 ARF 1.20 Size,Ult Series *

Detailed Information

Hold on as the Hangar 9™ CAP 232 shows you what a true aerobatic airplane can do. Wild 3D maneuvers, loops, and rolls are what this plane was designed for and pilots will be glad to know that it won't take them 3 months to get it into the air.

Right out of the box the CAP 232 is 90% pre-built and precovered. The attractive Goldberg UltraCote® covering trim scheme is rugged and easily repairable. The CAP 232's wood quality, parts fit, glue joints, and covering job are all finished like only the most skilled modeler builders are capable of. High quality Sullivan® and Dubro® hardware adds value, strength and superior control. Even the fiberglass cowl is pre-painted to match the trim scheme.

The CAP 232's unique two-piece aluminum engine mount features slotted beams, allowing an easy fit for nearly any 1.08-1.35 two-stroke engine or any 1.20-1.80 four-stroke engine. The CAP's firewall is also slotted. This slotted beam design makes engine adjustments fore and aft a breeze - achieving that perfect spinner-to-cowl gap couldn't be any easier.

Say goodbye to your workbench and plan to take your calls at the flying field, because Hangar 9's CAP 232 can be built in just 18 hours. The parts fit is excellent and the completed kit with engine weighs about 11 lbs. Not bad for a 25% aircraft that has a 73" wingspan!

The flight performance of the CAP 232 is outstanding. Hovers, torque rolls, snap rolls, you name it, the Hangar 9 CAP 232 can do it. The CAP 232 also has super-stable slow speed and gentle stall characteristics. It is extremely predictable and familiar, landing gracefully and smoothly just as you would expect. The CAP 232 is IMAA legal and is a great plane for all levels of IMAC competition.

This Spring Hangar 9 is offering the popular CAP 232 in three great color choices, solid White, solid True Red, or solid Cub Yellow. Covered in genuine Hangar 9 UltraCote®, customizing your Cap 232’s color scheme will be fun and easy. Place your orders now, as these birds are sure to fly fast. Once they're gone, they're gone!

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