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Stylish scale aircraft with show-stopping sport performance to rival the realistic detail. Hangar 9 offers some of the world's most beautiful scale warbirds, and civilian aircraft designed and manufactured to capture accurately both the look and feel of their full-size counterparts. These lightweight balsa-and-ply airplanes are cloaked in authentic UltraCote trim schemes for an eye-catching appearance.

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The Hangar 9® F4U-1A Corsair 20cc ARF replica makes scale RC easy. Its outline accuracy is highl...
MSRP: $449.99 Available for: $389.99
MSRP: $509.99 Available for: $349.99
MSRP: $979.99 Available for: $649.99
The 1/4-scale PA-18 Super Cub is a fantastic flying airplane that replicates the scale looks of the ...
MSRP: $949.99 Available for: $649.99
The 33% Pawnee 80cc from Hangar 9 delivers gentle-flying characteristics in a highly detailed and ac...
MSRP: $1,599.99 Available for: $1,399.99
Rat-tat-tat! Explosive action is the name of the game as Hangar 9’s scale-detailed Spitfire M...
MSRP: $354.99 Available for: $259.99
MSRP: $344.99 Available for: $249.99
Results: 1 - 7 of 7