F6F Hellcat 60 ARF

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Modeled from the popular full-scale Grumman Hellcat, the Hangar 9 Hellcat 60 ARF is another crisp addition to the Hangar 9 warbird line-up.


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Key Features

  • Installed metal 90 degree rotating retracts
  • Very scale outline, but sport plane flying characteristics
  • Laser cut parts and latest assembly techniques
  • Painted fiberglass cowling
  • Genuine UltraCote covering


The F6F Hellcat was one of World War II’s deadliest fighters. Hangar 9’s .60-size replica looks like the real thing, right down to the painted fiberglass cowling, accurate period decals and factory-installed mechanical retracts that rotate 90 degrees. The servos even mount inside the airplane to maintain the incredible scale looks. And as if its cool appearance wasn’t enough, the Hellcat 60 ARF also performs like a classic sport airplane, eagerly handling huge loops, smooth rolls and other light aerobatics.

This model includes installed 90 degree rotating retracts and scale markings utilizing Hangar 9 UltraCote. Hangar 9 has successfully continued to increase the quality and depth of the 60 size Warbird segment, and this new model is the only Hellcat in this category.

Product Specifications

Wingspan: 64.6 in (164.1 cm)
Overall Length: 52 in (132.1 cm)
Wing Area: 770.0 sq in (49.7 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 8.25–9.5 lb (3.7–4.3 kg)
Engine Size: .60–.78 2-stroke; .91–1.00 4-stroke
Radio: Minimum 5 channels
Servos: Minimum 6 servos
Trim Scheme Colors: HANU885 (Midnight Blue), HANU875 (Sky Blue), HANU870 White
Retracts: Machanical retracts included

Needed to Complete

• 5-channel radio system
• 5 standard servos 
• 1 retract servo 
• Engine
• Propeller

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