UltraCote Paint,Cub Yellow

$6.99* List: $7.99 (HANU88400) *Available at participating retailers
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Key Features

  • Matches the most popular colors of Ultracote
  • Fuel-resistant to mixtures of up to 15% nitromethane
  • High-quality spray nozzle for easy application
  • Sold in a large 12-oz spray can
  • High-gloss to match the gloss of your Ultracote
  • Dries fast and hard


New high-gloss UltraCote® Paint comes in a 12-ounce easy-to-use spray can and equipped with a top-quality nozzle. It’s fuel-resistant, non-toxic and newly formulated to ensure it dries quickly and completely. And, most importantly, it matches up perfectly with its corresponding UltraCote color.