Fokker Eindecker **

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Hangar 9 is joining the micro electric flight craze with a WWI park flyer release. Hangar 9's new E series Fokker Eindecker offers spirited flight performance in a very high-quality ARF kit.


Product Specifications
37.75 in (959 mm)
Flying Weight:
14 - 16 oz (396.9 - 452.6 g)
3 channel
The Eindecker comes 90% prebuilt and covered in red and white Solarfilm. Quality all balsa and plywood lightweight construction yields an all up flying weight between 14 to 16 ounces. Plus, this ARF kit includes everything (less micro radio gear, speed controller, and battery) to get you in the air. Assembly time is in the 8 to 10 hour range and involves gluing together the precovered wing halves, attaching the tail, installing the landing gear, and installing the radio gear. The kit includes a preinstalled 280 motor with a 1:4 gear ratio drive and a 9-inch, 3-bladed prop. Micro radio gear like JR's 241 servos and R610 receiver is recommended, as is a micro speed controller.

A 7-cell, 600mAh pack amazingly offers over 11 minutes of flight time. Plus, there's plenty of power for loops, rolls, and Immelman. The Eindecker is amazingly agile and responsive. Tight 12-foot diameter turns can be done in total confidence. We most enjoyed dodging the small trees at the local park, then lining up for a low level straffing run to take out the monkey bars. That's the beauty of micro electrics-they can be flown in almost any park or large yard which opens up whole new areas to flying.

At full throttle we'd estimate the Eindecker at 18 to 20 mph, while at low throttle with up elevator we could slow down to a 7 to 8 mph crawl. The Eindecker is very stable at all speeds and inspires confidence that will have you turning tighter and lower than you thought you would around that bush. While the Eindecker's flight characteristics are suitable for intermediate to experienced pilots, anyone who can solo a 40-size trainer will feel right at home with the Eindecker.

Our staff was especially amazed at the quality of the kit and excellent parts fit. We also marveled at the fact that we consistently got over 10 minutes of flight time with a 600mAh pack. That's pretty close to the same run time we were getting with our glow- powered sport airplanes! Plus, there's plenty of power for basic aerobatics. You can be the flying ace of your local park with Hangar 9's sporty Fokker Eindecker E.III.



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