ASW 20 4.7m ARF (2 boxes)

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The Hangar 9® ASW 20 4.7m ARF is a sailplane designed to catapult intermediate RC pilots into the world of giant scale soaring. Electric retracts and spoilers are available, plus it can be completed as a pure sailplane or electric powered glider.

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Key Features
  • True scale outline of the full-size ASW 20
  • Pure glider or electric powered sailplane options
  • Fiberglass fuselage with a high-gloss painted finish
  • Foam-core wing construction that’s fully sheeted with balsa
  • Carbon-fiber wing joiners and spar caps
  • Pre-hinged flap and aileron control surfaces
  • Ready to accept electric spoilers—sold separately
  • Balsa sheeted rudder and horizontal tail
  • Cockpit tub and crystal clear canopy hatch
  • Electric retract ready
  • Removable T-tail with pre-hinged elevator
  • Complete high-quality hardware package included
  • Genuine UltraCote® film covering
  • Scale decal set included
Product Specifications
185.5 in (4.70m)
Overall Length:
89.5 in (2.74m)
Wing Area:
1623.0 sq in (104.7 sq dm)
Flying Weight:
19.5 lbs (8.8kg)
Motor Size:
Power 60B 470Kv
6+ channel radio required
7 sailplane, 6 EP
Trim Scheme Colors:
White U870, True Red (U866)
CG (center of gravity):
334–418 in (96mm–106mm) behind leading edge at wing root
Wing Loading:
27.5–29 oz/sq ft.
Prop Size:
16×10 folding
Spinner Size:
1.77 in (45mm)
Speed Control :
80 amp minimum
Recommended Battery:
Motor: 5000mAh 6S 22.2V 30C LiPo — Receiver: 2×4000mAh LiPo
Control Throw (Ailerons):
Low: 10mm down–21mm up — High: 12mm down–23mm up
Control Throw (Elevator):
Low: 9mm down–13mm up — High: 11mm down–15mm up
Control Throw (Rudder):
Low: 35mm left–35mm right — High: 40mm left–40mm right
Control Throw (Flaps):
40mm down (Landing) + 2mm speed - neutral cruise - 5mm down thermal
Approx. Flying Duration:
20–30 minutes
Experience Level:
Recommended Environment:
Assembly Time:
15-20 Hours
Is Assembly Required:

Soaring offers a sense of adventure that uniquely connects a pilot to the environment in a way that’s both relaxing and challenging. Modern composite glider designs are both incredibly efficient and capable of amazing speed, enabling the pilot to conquer conditions as vast as there are sites to soar. Just one such marvel of aerospace technology is the Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co. ASW 20 sailplane. Designed by Gerhard Waibel, it’s a 15-meter ship that’s proven successful as a trainer and in competition at the World Championship levels.

The Hangar 9® ASW 20 4.7m ARF is a model tribute to the single-seat sailplane. Its dramatic wingspan puts it above the 1/3-scale category; however its light weight allows options not typically found in a giant-scale glider. The sleek fuselage is molded fiberglass right up to the vertical fin for a contoured appearance that’s as elegant as the original. Solid carbon-fiber rods support the foam-core wing panels, while balsa sheeting and carbon-fiber spar caps help assure that the HQ 12% airfoil is accurate and rigid. To complement the brilliant painted finish of the fuselage, the wings and horizontal stabilizer are covered in genuine Hangar 9 UltraCote® film.

As you might expect from a model of this caliber, a scale electric retract and electric spoilers are available. The flaps are functional and the horizontal stabilizer is removable just like the full-size. There are even pockets located in the wings for electric spoilers. But the option that takes this masterpiece of soaring to another level is the practical application of an electric motor system. The specially-made spinner (available separately) fits the contour of the nose so that the motor-drive is practically invisible during flight. As a result, the ASW 20 4.7m is a great way to join the world of RC Aero Tow flying as well as a giant-scale electric powered dream machine.

If adding the thrill of giant scale soaring is the way you’d like to climb higher, add the Hangar 9 ASW 20 4.7m ARF to your fleet now.

The fiberglass fuselage is equipped with a cockpit tub which conceals the roomy electronics area that’s enclosed by a crystal clear canopy hatch. Pilot figure not included.

Complete the authenticity of the scale soaring experience by simply bolting in the optional E-flite® 1/3-scale Sailplane Electric Retract.

An electric power system including the E-flite Power 60, 470Kv motor, 100-amp ESC, and single 6S Li-Po battery can be easily added. The recommended spinner has been contoured to match the scale outline.

Manage lift with greater precision by taking advantage of the electric spoiler option. The E-flite® Electric Spoiler Set, 440mm simply bolts right in and connect directly to an open channel on your receiver.

The fully balsa-sheeted foam core wing construction features carbon-fiber spar caps for an excellent blend of airfoil efficiency and wing strength. Each UltraCote® film covered wing panel connects to solid-carbon joiner rods and is pre-hinged for fast assembly.


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  • Left Wing: ASW 20 4.7mHAN495502

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  • Spinner 45mm: ASW 20 4.7mEFLP16080FA

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