Carden Edition 89" Extra 300 Mid-Wing ARF

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Key Features

  • True Carden Aircraft design
  • Hybrid Carden and Hangar 9® construction techniques
  • Balsa-sheeted, foam-core wings, stab and fin
  • Firewall drilled to accept the DA-60 gas engine
  • Factory-installed fuel tank and plumbing
  • Sealed hinge line
  • Plug-in wing and stab for ease of transportation to the flying field
  • Painted lightweight pilot included
  • SFGs are included
  • Complete high-quality hardware


Carden Aircraft are legendary in the unlimited aerobatics realm. The Hangar 9® Carden Edition 89” Extra 300 Mid-Wing is a compact version of the renowned 126” Carden Extra with the first-class satisfaction of a Hangar 9 ARF. A collaborative breakthrough, now RC pilots that favor the 50–60cc gas engine can have the thrill of flying a thoroughbred branded for uncompromised precision and hardcore 3D capability.

You get a highly-prefabricated and lightweight airframe, but ruggedly constructed with a hybrid Carden/Hangar 9 method, then brilliantly finished in genuine UltraCote® coating. Fast-build features include an assembled fuel tank, installed hinges and control horns with the hinge lines sealed, just to name a few. The firewall is drilled and set to accept the DA-60 gas engine and an optional electric motor installation kit is available separately. Also included are top quality, durable components like a fiberglass cowl, wheel pants, cuffs and lightweight aluminum landing gear.

Product Specifications

Wingspan: 89.0 in (2.25 m)
Overall Length: 85.0 in (2.15 m)
Wing Area: 1429 sq. in. (92.2 sq. dm.)
Flying Weight: 18-21 lb (8.2-9.5 kg)
Engine Size: 50cc-62cc gas
Motor Size: 50cc-60cc equivalent
Radio: 4 channels minimum radio system
Servos: 6 servos (7 if using choke servo); 5 for EP
Trim Scheme Colors: UltraCote White (U870), Apple Green (U903), Pearl Blue (U845), Silver (U881)
Spinner Size: 3-3/4 in
Speed Control : 130-Amp minimum
Recommended Battery: 44.4V 12S 5000-6600mAh Li-Po
Scale: 30%
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Experience Level: Advanced
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Assembly Time: 15-20 Hours
Is Assembly Required: Yes

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