Funtana X 100 ARF

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Item #: HAN4175


The FuntanaX 100 adds a newly designed airfoil that provides extra stability in high alpha 3D flight and more precision in non-3D aerobatics, as well as a lightweight carbon fiber wing tube and landing gear for additional strength.

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Key Features
  • Very large control surfaces for precise and extreme 3D aerobatics
  • Removable Side Force Generators extreme rudder authority
  • Longer, lighter carbon fiber landing gear
  • Lightweight carbon fiber wing tube
  • Can be converted for electric flight
  • Extremely lightweight all-wood construction
  • Covered in exclusive Hangar 9 UltraCote
Product Specifications
69.5 in (1765mm)
Overall Length:
68.5 in (1765mm)
Wing Area:
1108 sq in (71.5 sq dm)
Flying Weight:
8–8.5 lb (3.63 kg–4.03 kg)
Engine Size:
.60-1.00 2-stroke; .90-1.25 4-stroke
Motor Size:
Motor (for electric conversion) E-flite Power 110 brushless outrunner (EFLM4110A)
4 channels w/6 servos
Trim Scheme Colors:
White (HANU870), Pearl Blue (HANU845), Orange (HANU877), Silver (HANU881)
The new FuntanaX ARF is enhanced with design and structural upgrades that boast a fresh, progressive look and make it an extreme aerobatic performer to be reckoned with. Revolutionary SFG Technology™ allows pilots to achieve unlimited potential for sport and 3D flight—harriers, blenders, knife-edge, torque rolls and more. Removable Side Force Generators (SFG) give extra rudder authority and control to help you perform a virtually limitless display of extreme 3D and precision aerobatics.

The FuntanaX offer lightweight balsa and light plywood construction dressed in genuine UltraCote® covering for a vibrant look. 

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