P-51D Miss America 60 ARF

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Hangar 9's Miss America features authentic markings and a gorgeous scheme that provides an exceptional scale appearance.


Key Features
  • Great aerobatic performer
  • Outstanding scale rendition of the renowned Reno racing plane
  • Improved, factory-installed retractable landing gear
  • Hangar 9® UltraCote scheme in authentic Miss America colors
  • Lightweight balsa-and-ply construction
Product Specifications
65.5 in (166.4 cm)
Overall Length:
55.75 in (141.6 cm)
Wing Area:
754 sq in (48.1 sq dm)
Flying Weight:
7.0 - 8.5 lb (3.2 - 3.9 kg)
Engine Size:
.60 - 1.00 (2-stroke), .91 - 1.00 (4-stroke)
5 channels
5 standard servos and 1 retract servo
Trim Scheme Colors:
HAN9 Ultracote True Red (U866), White (U870), Corsair Blue (U905)
She’s one of the fastest, most beautiful and certainly most recognizable airplanes in the world. Since 1966, Miss America has traveled all over the United States, serving as a symbol of freedom and liberty while capturing such aeronautic honors as Reno Air Racing champion and National Unlimited Class champion.

Now Hangar 9® presents one of the world’s most famous aircraft as a .60-size scale ARF. The latest addition to Hangar 9’s popular P-51D Mustang series is the P-51D Miss America 60 ARF, which comes complete with an authentic red, white and blue UltraCote® trim scheme and preinstalled retractable landing gear.

Miss America features performance levels to match its extraordinary appearance. It can rip and bank like any nimble .60-size sport plane, handling full-throttle loops, hard turns, low-level breaking passes and high-G maneuvers with assurance. And when the rubber hits the road, Hangar 9’s improved retractable landing gear provides a stable landing, thanks to its stiffer struts that prevent wobble and a lock-in feature. Smooth contours, authentic Miss America markings and a gorgeous trim scheme just like that of the full-scale plane complete an exceptional scale appearance.

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  • Wheels: P-51 .60HAN2385

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  • Fuel Tank: Corsair/AT-6/P-51/P-40 .60HAN2588

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