Ultra Stick 60 ARF, Ultra Series

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The Ultra Stick™ .60 comes 90% prebuilt, using the same open-structure construction of the Ultra Stick .40 that minimizes weight without sacrificing structural strength.


Key Features

  • Covered in genuine UltraCote®
  • Quad flaps
  • Extremely lightweight construction


The secret to any great sport aerobatic model is reducing the amount of weight the engine has to lug around, thus providing excess power for vertical and other extreme maneuvers. It is here that the Ultra Stick™ .60 succeeds admirably. It comes 90% prebuilt, using the same open-structure construction of the Ultra Stick .40 that minimizes weight without sacrificing structural strength.

All necessary hardware needed for finishing assembly is included, and it's covered in a dazzling transparent yellow UltraCote® trim scheme that shows off the structure's fine workmanship. Our model weighed in at a fit-and-trim 6.75 pounds completely built with a Saito™ 100 four-stroke bolted onto the nose.

Like the other Ultra Sticks, the 60's flight performance is a thrilling blend of wild aerobatic maneuverability and, when equipped with the optional quad-flaps, unbelievable short field capability.

The Ultra Stick 60 is designed to accept most any .60 to .91 two-stroke or .72 to 1.00 four-stroke engine. The Saito 100 that our test model was equipped with worked more like an anti-gravity device than an engine. It handled vertical uplines with ease and would pull the plane through just about any wild maneuver we dreamed up. We could literally feel how light the airframe was by how quickly it responded to power changes when hanging on the prop.

This "airy" feeling naturally made other slow flight maneuvers a piece of cake too. The Ultra Stick .60 will float and "harrier" with the best of them. Stalls at low rates occur as a gentle forward "mushing" motion, with zero tip stall tendencies. Landings are equally satisfying. With low rates and the engine at idle, we had full roll and yaw control all the way to touchdown. In high-speed level flight, the generously proportioned ailerons yielded blazing roll rates. The big elevator effects the plane with equal authority, yanking the plane from level to the vertical in a split second or keeping perfect track during consecutive tight-diameter loops—inside or out.

Naturally, we had to give the quad-flap option a whirl and were not disappointed. Entering a dive from speck-in-the-sky high, we tried the trademark Ultra Stick vertical approach to landing. It's quite a showstopper! Switching flaps to the "crow" position (outboard up, inboard down) was like popping a drag chute. The Ultra Stick 60's super lightweight airframe really responds to the extra drag, allowing it to come straight down, level out, and land in less distance than the very capable Ultra Stick 1.20.

In sum, the Ultra Stick .60 stays true to the Ultra Stick tradition of excellent high-speed maneuverability and rock solid slow-speed stability. Its striking blue-and-yellow transparent UltraCote trim looks brilliant in flight. Sure, looks aren't everything, but considering the Ultra Stick 60 has just about all the performance any sport pilot can handle, it's just icing on the cake.

Product Specifications

Wingspan: 66 in
Overall Length: 55 in
Wing Area: 913 sq in (927 in w/ quad flaps)
Flying Weight: 6–7 lb
Engine Size: .60–.91 (2-stroke); .82–1.00 (4-stroke)
Radio: 4–7 channels
Servos: 5–7
Trim Scheme Colors: HANU952 Transparent Yellow, HANU866 True Red, HANU873 Deep Blue

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