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Following in the footsteps of the 120- and 1/3 Scale Cap 232, Hangar 9 presents yet another Cap designed for 1.80- through 2.10-size two-strokes, 45cc gas engines, or 300 twin four-strokes.


Product Specifications
80 in (2032 mm)
Wing Area:
1248 sq in
Flying Weight:
14-16 lbs (6.4 - 7.3 kg)
Engine Size:
1.8 - 2.1
6 channel
The Cap 232 has become one of the most popular aerobatic airplanes in history, and now Hangar 9™ is offering its third version of this successful aerobatic performer. Following in the footsteps of the 120-size Cap and the just-released 1/3 Scale Cap 232, Hangar 9 announces yet another Cap of a different size designed for 1.80- through 2.10-size two-strokes, 45cc gas engines, or 300 twin four-strokes. Hangar 9's new 80" Cap offers customers a giant scale legal areobatic performer for those who aren't quiet ready for the expense and space needed for the huge 1/3 Scale Cap but want something bigger than a 1.20-size airplane.

The 80" Cap has been optimized by Mike McConville with larger control surfaces and more wing area for lower wing loading, improved control authority and stability. It features all wood construction with prepainted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants that match the scale Alitalia trim scheme with UltraCote® new pearl purple, white, red, and black trim scheme. The Cap features a one-piece bolt-on wing with two aileron servos (one for each aileron), two elevator servos, and a single-rudder servo. Construction quality is excellent and very light, as our Moki 2.10 equipped Cap weighs in at a little over 14 pounds.

Assembly of the CAP involves joining the wing halves, installing the tail, hinging the control surfaces, and attaching the landing gear. This, along with the engine and radio installation, will take approximately 20 hours to complete. The 80" Cap doesn't include hardware, allowing the builder to select his own preferences when choosing control horns, fuel tank, linkages, etc. For less experienced modelers, the instructions include recommended hardware choices.

We've built and flown two 80" Hangar 9 Caps: one with a Moki 2.10 and the other with a Zenoah® G-45. Both power plants offer unlimited vertical and will easily hover and torque roll. The Zenoah gasser offers the ease and economy of gas, while the Moki offers a slight horsepower gain and weight savings. Both combinations fly great!

If you're getting into IMAC aerobatics, this Hangar 9 plane is for you. If Freestyle is your thing, the 80" Cap will do it all. With aggressive control authority, Waterfalls, Blenders, Harriers, and other 3-D and precision maneuvers couldn't be easier. Supplies of the 80" Cap will be tight, but it is definitely worth waiting for, even if you don't get one right away.


It has come to our attention that the manual does not provide the correct dimensions for mounting the Zenoah G-45 engine.

The correct dimensions should be 13/16” down from the top of the engine box, and 27/32” over from the right hand side looking from the front.

If you have any further concerns, please contact our product support team for further assistance to resolve this issue. You can call us at our toll free number at 877-504-0233 or email at

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