G-Force SLS 200 2-Meter

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Item #: HAN200


When Hangar 9 decided to design a Hi-Start, they set out to better the competition by offering a smarter, better quality, longer-lasting design that's easier to use.


Key Features
  • Completely assembled,
  • Four specially designed
  • Easy-to-use hand reel
  • UV stabilized black surgical
  • Non-tangle nylon parachute
  • Highly visible yellow

When Hangar 9 decided to design a Hi-Start, they set out to better the competition by offering a smarter, better quality, longer-lasting design that's easier to use. Since the Hangar 9's staff comprises over 20 years of sailplane flying experience, they had definite ideas as to what it takes to make a good launch system.

The heart of any Hi-Start is the rubber tubing - and Hangar 9's new G-Force SLS (Sailplane Launch System), uses only the highest quality, virgin latex tubing available. Hangar 9's G-Force SLS features a black, ultraviolet resistant surgical tubing which prevents UV rays from penetrating the tubing,significantly increasing the life of the latex rubber. Hangar 9 performed extensive tests to compare natural tan tubing (included with most other Hi-Starts) and the black UV protected tubing. Results indicated that when new, both tubing had exactly the same energy storage characteristics for a given stretch length. However, when allowed to sit in the sun for a couple of days, the natural tan rubber lost a significant amount of energy over the UV protected tubing. And while it's typical to replace normal tan tubing every two flying seasons, the UV protected tubing found in Hangar 9’s G-Force SLS is expected to last longer.

Another advantage of Hangar 9’s G-Force SLS tubing is that it comes in one continuous piece, unlike other Hi-Starts where two pieces of tubing are tied together. The rubber tubing is available in two diameters: medium size ¼” diameter tubing for up to two meter span sailplanes and heavy duty 3/8” diameter tubing for 100" to unlimited class sailplanes.

Hangar 9's G-Force SLS features a high-visibility fluorescent yellow line and fluorescent parachute, making it easier to find the Hi-Start on the ground as well as to see the release from the sailplane in the air. The parachute is made of a heavy-duty rip stop nylon, and the shroud lines are sewn to the parachute throughout its length, preventing the chute from sliding up the shroud lines. (This can be a big hassle with cheaper chutes). The Dacron 100 pound test line offers plenty of strength and low wind resistance while the chrome plated rings (4) are light-weight and corrosion resistant.

The G-Force includes a high-visibility, large diameter orange storage reel. This large 5-1/4" diameter reel take less time and fewer turns to wind up the Hi-Start because each turn takes up more Hi-Start length. (One turn takes up nearly 2 feet per revolution. ). The handle is located inside the reel giving it a good, balanced feel during winding. The G-Force instructions recommend placing the reel at the launch point so it's only necessary to pace off the stretch length once as the reel is then used as a reference. A 10" long steel stake is included which features a molded plastic ring for easy removal in hard ground. Plus, the G-Force SLS comes pre-assembled and ready to use right out of the box.

The G-Force SLS is available in four versions. The full-length version requires a 700’ long field to launch and gives launch heights of up to 500’ in favorable conditions. The half length version requires a 350’ long field and gives up to 250’ launches. The G-Force's short SLS version includes 50’ of rubber while other Hi-Starts have been known to substitute 33’ of line to cut cost at the sacrifice of launch height. Both the full length and the half length versions are available in standard tube sizes for up to 2-meter sailplanes and heavy-duty tubing for 100” sailplanes and larger.

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