33% Extra 330S ARF (2 Boxes)

Retail: $1,099.99*

Item #: HAN1175

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Key Features
  • Smaller TOC model, based on the latest TOC trends
  • Lightweight for great performance
  • 2-piece wing and stab for easy assembly and transport
  • Covered in quality Hangar 9 Ultracote
  • 90% built 1/3-scale ARF
  • Designed by veteran TOC competitor Mike McConville
Product Specifications
97 in
Overall Length:
89.7 in
Wing Area:
1750 sq in
Flying Weight:
23.5 - 25.5 lbs
Engine Size:
62 - 80 cc
4 channel
Trim Scheme Colors:
HANU870 White, HANU845 Pearl Blue, HANU866 True Red, HANU881 Silver
Experience the precision and 3D joy of Hangar 9's new 1/3 scale Extra 330S ARF. Offering extremely lightweight all-wood construction and the latest in design technology, this beautiful bird is a terrific introduction to giant-scale aerobatics.

Just as great as its stunning aerobatic performance is its ease of use. The two-piece wing makes transport to the flying field a cinch, and its expert engineering lets the whole plane assemble as easily as an erector set. The aluminum landing gear brackets keep the gear mounted in the model—another sign of Hangar 9's excellent engineering. And it's covered in genuine Hangar 9 UltraCote for the perfect look.

Designed by TOC competitor Mike McConville and exhibiting both fine flying capabilities and an expert look, Hangar 9's new Extra 330S 33% ARF is unquestionably a plane to put a smile on your face.

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  • PRO 2700 NiMH: 2700mAh, 4.8V, AEXRB300

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  • Fuselage with Hatch: Extra 330SHAN1176

  • Right Wing Panel with Aileron: Extra 330SHAN1177

  • Left Wing Panel with Aileron: Extra 330SHAN1178

  • Right Stab with Elevator: Extra 330SHAN1179

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