46% TOC Ultimate ARF (2 Boxes)

$1,399.99* List: $1,999.99 (HAN1100) *Available at participating retailers
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Key Features

  • Balsa-and-ply construction
  • Carbon fiber landing gear
  • Genuine Hangar 9 UltraCote
  • 2-aileron servo design allows flaperon mixing
  • Strong, lightweight wings with no flying wires
  • IMAC-legal


The new Hangar 9® 46% TOC Ultimate 10-300 sets a new standard for ARF models. This model brings true TOC aircraft performance to the serious modeler looking for an all out performance machine. Mike McConville designed this model for no holds barred performance–and perform it does. The Ultimate flies like no other model and is truly superior for maneuvers like rolling circles and any knife edge or rolling maneuvers. Though it’s a superior design for precision flying, it holds its own when it comes to 3D aerobatics as well. Torque rolls, blenders, harriers are all in the Ultimate's book of tricks.

The wings are specially designed to be lightweight, yet strong without the need for any flying wires. This makes field assemble and maintenance as easy as a monoplane.

The models is a true ARF and comes factory covered in Hangar 9 UltraCote® in the yellow, white black and silver trim scheme shown. It is balsa and ply built with carbon fiber used in key areas to assure light yet strong construction. Even the carbon fiber landing gear comes standard.

We expect the first shipment to arrive in Spring 2003. Supplies will be limited, so order today.

Product Specifications

Wingspan: 98.5 in
Overall Length: 110 in
Wing Area: 3310 sq in
Flying Weight: 40-44 lbs
Engine Size: 150cc-200cc gas
Servos: 15
Trim Scheme Colors: HANU874 Black, HANU870 White, HANU884 Cub Yellow, HANU881 Silver

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