62GX 62cc Single-Cylinder Gas Engine

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Key Features
  • Tremendous power to weight ratio
  • Purpose-built for ease of use and reliability
  • Common pattern mounting and muffler size
  • Genuine Walbro® carburetor
  • Custom velocity stack for improved power output
  • Dual ball-bearing cantilevered crankshaft
  • Common propeller bolt pattern
  • CM6 spark plug provides reliability and small footprint
  • Lightweight, 2S Li-Po-compatible ignition
  • Swings up to a 24-inch, two-blade propeller
Product Specifications
2-stroke Airplane
3.8 cu in (62cc)
1.80 in (46.0mm)
1.50 in (37.0mm)
Total Weight:
56.6 oz (1602g) with Ignition
Engine (Only) Weight:
52.3 oz (1483 g)
Muffler Weight:
8.2 oz (233g) (not included)
Crankshaft Threads:
Four M5 propeller bolts on 30mm diameter center
Benchmark Prop:
Falcon 23×9, 7200RPM
Prop Range:
RPM Range:
87 octane and above
Cylinder Type:
Nikasil plated, ringed piston
Carb Type:

The new Evolution® 62GX is a potent 62cc gas engine that’s ideal for your 50–60cc size project. Precision made with high-quality materials, its finished appearance is a tribute to the long-lasting use you can expect. The rear carburetor mount design means the slim 62GX will fit into more spaces such as a narrow warbird cowl. The muffler mounting points are spaced to fit a wide variety of headers and silencers so you can easily find what suits your model best. The ignition system allows you to choose from a variety of power options such as a lightweight 2S Li-Po battery. The four-bolt propeller mounting pattern matches other popular engines to make propeller changes simple. No matter what type of airplane project you have, the 62GX is the easy choice for big gas power.


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  • P-51D Mustang 60cc w/ Evolution 62GX Gas EngineHAN4770CE

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