Evolution .60NX Engine with Muffler

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Due Early August, 2018

The lightest weight and most powerful .60-size engine in the industry.

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Key Features
  • Smaller size and lighter weight than typical displacement .60 engines lead to a higher power-to-weight ratio.
  • Fits smaller airframes where .60-size power was not previously available
  • 7 ounces lighter than competitive .60-size engines
  • Designed to make use of aftermarket-tuned exhaust to enhance performance by increasing power
Product Specifications
2-Stroke Glow
.60 cu in (9.73cc)
.95 in (24mm)
.85 in (21.5mm)
Total Weight:
17.13 oz (487 g)
Engine (Only) Weight:
13.93 oz (395 g )
Muffler Weight:
3.2 oz (92 g)
Crankshaft Threads:
1/4 x 28
Prop Range:
10 x 7–13 x 6
RPM Range:
10–30% nitro
Mounting Dimensions:
44mm x 17.5mm
Muffler Type:
Cylinder Type:
Carb Type:
Barrel, with two needles
Crank Type:
Ball bearing

The new Evolution® .60 is revolutionary for modelers demanding the most from their engines. This new engine provides the performance of a .60-size engine in the case size of a .40-size engine, allowing modelers to put more power into smaller configurations. The .60 will truly be a “hot rod” and will provide modelers with speed and performance, which have previously been unavailable in the .40- to .60-size sport market. For the modeler who doesn’t want to stop at the impressive speeds offered out of the box, this engine is designed to work with aftermarket pipe systems to provide the ultimate in model engine performance.


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  • Muffler-E46601:AEVO100601

  • 2-& 4-Cycle Super Glow PlugEVOGP1

Parts Listing  See All
  • Prop Driver: E40, 60NXEVO040219

  • Prop Washer & Nut: 1/4 x 28EVO040228

  • High Speed Needle Valve: 40NX,60NXEVO040829F

  • Internal Muffler Bolt; Alpha, 40-46NT, 46-60NXEVO046616

Optional Accessories  See All
  • Sport Propeller, 10 x 7APC10070

  • Sport Propeller,10 x 8APC10080

  • Metered Glow Driver with 2600mAhNi-MH & ChargerDYN1922

  • 8mm Muffler Extension EVO 40NT/46/52/60NXOSEVO0466101

Hop-Ups  See All
  • High Performance Tuned Muffler: EVO 46-60EVOM1

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  • Crankcase: 60NXEVO060101

  • Cylinder Head: 60NXEVO060103

  • Cylinder Head Shim: 60NX, 10GXEVO060112

  • Gasket Set (Engine): 60NXEVO060416

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