Divo 3D

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Pro-Class Precision from the Drawing Board of Quique Somenzini

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Key Features
  • Minimal assembly required—flight ready in as little as 4 hours
  • Outstanding precision and 3D aerobatic capabilities
  • Biplane design for light wing loading and crisp roll response
  • Laser-cut 3mm Depron parts for optimum strength and minimum weight
  • Lightweight carbon rod reinforcement and foam bracing that virtually eliminates flex
  • Lightweight hardware
  • Perfect match for E-flite’s Park 300 or Cyclon’s Micro CPLR brushless outrunner motors
  • Two vibrant, factory-applied color schemes to choose from
Product Specifications
28.2 in (715mm)
Overall Length:
31.7 in (807mm)
Wing Area:
347 sq in (22.4 sq dm)
Flying Weight:
7.5–8.5 oz (215–241 g)
Motor Size:
E-flite Park 300 1380Kv or Cylcon CPLR Micro
6 channels for proper mixing
3 sub-micro servos
CG (center of gravity):
3.5 in (90mm) behind the leading edge of the top wing at the center
Prop Size:
9x3.8 APC Slow Flyer
Hardware Included:
Speed Control :
E-flite 10 Brushless ESC
Recommended Battery:
3-cell11.1V 730mAh
Control Throw (Ailerons):
1 1/4" (30mm) with 25% Expo on Low or 1 1\2" (40mm) with 50% Expo on High
Control Throw (Elevator):
1 1/2" (40mm) with 25% Expo on Low or 2 1/4" (60mm) with 50% Expo on High
Control Throw (Rudder):
1 1/2" (40mm) with 25% Expo on Low or 2 3/4" (75mm) with 50% Expo on High
Indoor/Outdoor Aerobatic/3D Flyer
Approx. Assembly Time:
4-5 hours

Designed by champion 3D pilot Quique Somenzini, the Divo 3D is engineered to be as adept at slow-speed 3D as it is precision aerobatics. The biplane design not only provides crisp roll response, but it gives the Divo 3D superb slow flight stability so you can fly high-alpha 3D with authority. Its carbon fiber reinforced Depron foam construction provides the solid, precise in-flight feel of a balsa profile plane but without the weight. This makes it possible to fly the Divo 3D outside in breezier conditions that would keep most other profile foamies grounded.  And, the Divo comes in two colors—giving you the option to choose your trim scheme.

About the designer: Quique Somenzini is recognized by many as the father of 3D flying. He is a veteran aerobatics competitor with numerous national and international titles to his credit, including four 1st place TOC finishes and six South American F3A championships. He has designed dozens of other unique model aircraft that have set the standard for aerobatic performance in their categories.

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