Mamba Max Pro One-Cell 1/10 Brushless ESC



Special Edition One-Cell Mamba Max Pro for Carpet Racing


Key Features
  • Factory-built to operate on inputs of 1-6 LiPo cells; single cell classes are well represented
  • Fans are removed to allow access in tight locations
  • This ESC has its BEC removed; select an outboard 4.8–6.0 volt power source for electronics
  • This ESC will be popular on the oval circuit
Product Specifications
Yes, multiple options available
Proportional with adjustable curve
1.79 in (45.5mm)
1.44 in (36.5mm)
0.85 in (21.5mm)
81 g (2.8 oz) with wires
Cells w/o BEC:
1-6s LiPo
Auto Cutoff:
Programmable Low Voltage Cutoff
Mamba Max Pro has taken the racing world by storm. Advanced adaptable timing features and CHEAT mode give racers a clear advantage. One-cell class racers were feeling neglected, and Castle simply couldn’t have that.

Here’s the answer. The new Mamba Max Pro One-Cell Special Edition ESC comes factory-built to operate on the input of 1-6 LiPo cells, so the single-cell classes are well covered. Castle has also taken the fans off so users of this engine have an easier time fitting it into tight locations.

These controllers will have their BEC circuit disabled -- removed actually -- so you will need an outboard 4.8–6.0 volt power source to run your electronics. 

These new electronics accomodate up to a max of 6S, and have all of the advanced Smart Sense and CHEAT mode settings. These will be among the fastest controllers on the market.

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