iHobby 2012 Product Overview
With a new venue and exciting new ECX, Hangar 9, Pro Boat, Losi, Dynamite, Blade products and more, there was a lot to look forward to for iHobby 2012. We've gathered information on some of the top new products that debuted around iHobby
Published on 10/10/2012
John Redman Build's The Hangar 9 P-47D Thunderbolt 30cc
We assemble and detail the big Jug
Published on 2/10/2012
Hangar 9 33% Pawnee Review
This big, beautiful recreation of Piper's famous ag workhorse may look imposing, but it's really a pushover. We met up with Peter Goldsmith at the JR Aero Tow to discuss this great new model and check out the incredible attention to detail.
Published on 6/28/2011
Hangar 9 F4U-1D Corsair 50 Preview
The F4U Corsair, made famous for its ability to out climb, outrun or outfight any enemy in its day, is an exciting addition to the Hangar 9 family. Come see what the buzz is about with this new Corsair from Hangar 9.
Published on 4/22/2011
2010 iHobby Floor Coverage
iHobby 2010 is here and we’re back with our extensive on-line coverage of the biggest RC party in the US. We have close-ups of the gear you’re going to want in the coming weeks and months
Published on 11/18/2010
Preview - Hangar 9 Phoenix 7 Pattern 60 ARF
Preview - Hangar 9 Phoenix 7 Pattern 60 ARF
Published on 6/18/2010
Preview – Twin Otter ARF by Hangar 9
Preview – Twin Otter ARF by Hangar 9
Published on 3/10/2010
We Take A Close Look At The DeNight Special 50 ARF
Denight Special, a great Sport Scale model
Published on 11/12/2009
Preview - Hangar 9 Introduces the Saratoga 40 ARF
A Classic for Sport Modelers
Published on 7/22/2009
We Preview Hangar 9's New P-51D Mustang .60
Hangar 9's P-51D .60 Has Many New features
Published on 6/15/2009
Preview - Hangar 9 Taylorcraft
Preview - Hangar 9 Taylorcraft
Published on 6/4/2009
Preview - Hangar 9 introduces the Toledo Special
Jim Previews the New Hangar 9 Toledo Special
Published on 4/9/2009
RV-8 46 ARF Preview

Published on 4/7/2009
Holiday Gift Guide 2008: Top Planes
Holiday Gift Guide 2008: Top Planes
Published on 12/3/2008
FS One Exposed!
Learn about many of the exciting features inside Hangar 9's FS One
Published on 8/21/2008
Saito G36 Gas + Hangar 9 P-51 1.50 = YES
Fitting a Saito Gasser in the Hangar 9 Mustang 1.50 or P-47 Thunderbolt
Published on 3/13/2008
Setting Up Your Sukhoi Right
Mike McConville shares his secrets for optimum setup for his signature design Sukhoi
Published on 2/14/2008
Voltage Reading Made Easy
See how a voltage meter for RC car racers can help you at the flying field
Published on 12/5/2007
Plug-N-Play is for everyone!
Jim Booker extols the virtues of Hangar 9 Plug and Play kits.
Published on 10/23/2007
Horizon Hobby’s iHobby 2007 Floor Coverage
Get the inside scoop on this season’s gotta get gear
Published on 10/16/2007
Get ready to get started!
Set your starter box up for perfect starts every time
Published on 8/21/2007
Put a Radial Engine in your Sopwith Camel
Building and Flying a Hangar 9 Sopwith Camel is fun but putting a Saito 3 cylinder 90 in it just sends it over the top.
Published on 7/9/2007
Sundowner F1 ARF Sport Racer to Go
Hangar 9’s Sundowner F1 ARF brings the excitement of the air races to RC models.
Published on 6/6/2007
Special Edition Airplane Buying Guide Update 2008
Ready for a new airplane? Stay on the right track and be sure to end up with the perfect airplane.
Published on 5/24/2007
Monster Truck Hop-Ups Buying Guide
Get the info you need to add the most impactful hop-ups to your truck with our Monster Truck Hop-Up Buying Guide
Published on 4/2/2007
Durability Upgrade for the F-22 Raptor PTS
Learn how to upgrade the durability of your F-22 Raptor PTS with a few simple steps.
Published on 3/27/2007
Introducing FS One: Precision RC Flight Simulator
Introducing FS One: the RC flight simulator that was engineered to feel every bit as real as it looks.
Published on 4/5/2006
Electric Conversion
Get answers to common questions regarding choosing and installing the right motor for your glow aircraft.
Published on 2/6/2006
The Runway
Getting Started the Right Way
Published on 11/9/2005
Hangar 9: P-51D Miss America
From Model Airplane News - Review of the Hangar 9 P-51D Miss America
Published on 9/12/2005
Creating Intricate Designs With UltraCote
Always wanted to create arcs, checkers and more designs with UltraCote but didn't know how? Team JR member Brian Hueffmeier, one of the best at creating intricate designs with UltraCote, shares his tips and techniques.
Published on 6/23/2005
JR XP9303 Programming Guide for the Hangar 9 1.50 Size P-51
Team JR member Danny Snyder describes how to set up the JR XP9303 for the Hangar 9 P-51 Mustang 1.50.
Published on 2/24/2005
Sport Model or Scale Warbird?
Learn some of the history behind the legendary P-40 Warhawk and see its full-scale inspiration.
Published on 2/9/2005
The Mechanics of 3D Flight
Team JR member Doug Cronkhite explains the proper way to mechanically set up your plane for 3D flight.
Published on 12/10/2004
Review: Hangar 9 Extra 330S
From Model Airplane News - "If you’ve wanted to get into 3D aerobatics or precision flying in a big way, you can’t beat the Hangar 9 Extra 330S."
Published on 11/18/2004
Review: Hangar 9 Funtana .40 3D ARF
From Model Airplane News - "With the Funtana S .40 ARF, Hangar 9 has proven that a well-built and -engineered .40-size plane can be just as stable and responsive as a much larger model."
Published on 8/5/2004
Hangar 9 Cessna Skylane 182
From Model Airplane News - "Its high-quality construction, scale appearance and good flight manners make it impressive both on the ground and in the air."
Published on 7/12/2004
Three Steps to 3D
Team JR member Don Szczur provides a three-step process for flying the FuntanaS 3D.
Published on 4/10/2004
Introducing the new Hangar 9® Twist 40 ARF
From hovers to harriers, knife-edge to flat spins, pick your poison—the Twist can handle just about any aerobatic maneuver you can throw at it.
Published on 3/9/2004
Spring Tune-Up
Spring is almost here. Is your plane ready? Jeff Holsinger of Team JR goes through all the details of making sure you have a successful opening day.
Published on 2/17/2004
Hangar 9 ARFs Stand Up to Scale Scrutiny
U.S. Nats judges gave Hangar 9's 1.50-size Cessna Skylane and P-51Mustang high marks in 2003.
Published on 11/2/2003
Hangar 9 46% Ultimate 10-300
From Model Airplane News - " The 46% TOC Ultimate 10-300 can easily do anything asked of it and will do it with authority!"
Published on 10/29/2003
I Fly the Funtana Electric
Steve Rojecki explains how you can convert your Funtana to electric flight.
Published on 10/29/2003
Hangar 9's NEW F4U Corsair .60 ARF
The smooth flowing curve of the Hangar 9® wing accurately replicates that of the genuine WWII article, adding to the Corsair .60’s precise scale authenticity.
Published on 10/23/2003
Flying the FuntanaS 3D .40
Find out from Mike McConville why this model is really fun to fly and how to do some cool tricks with it.
Published on 8/21/2003
The North American AT-6 Texan
To pilots during and after World War II, the AT-6 Texan was teacher and a warrior. Now it's a living legend.
Published on 5/6/2003
Hangar 9 Alpha Trainer
From Model Airplane News - Hangar 9's new Alpha Trainer is attractive and flies smoothly, and from a distance...
Published on 4/23/2003
UltraCote Tips & Tricks
John Adams' tips, tricks and techniques for getting great-looking finishes with Hangar 9 UltraCote.
Published on 11/21/2001
Why Wear a CAP?
Why fly a CAP? Team JR member and TOC competitor Peter Goldsmith explains the merits of the design and how he has developed a relationship with it.
Published on 2/26/2001
3D with Mike McConville (Part Two)
Hangar 9's new Extra 330L will blow away almost any pilot wanting to fly aerobatics. When designing this model, I incorporated design features and enhancements learned from several years of Tournament of Champions and IMAC competition.
Published on 11/15/2000
3D with Mike McConville (Part One)
You've heard about these new 3D maneuvers, maybe even seen some spectacular demonstrations, but if you're like most modelers you really don't have a clue what they're all about. Well, read on and we'll try to help de-mystify the 3D "magic."
Published on 9/29/2000
Anatomy of an ARF
"Once upon a time" and way back when, there were two kinds of models at the flying field. There were, of course, the kit or scratch-built planes, who's owners put their "blood, sweat and tears" into building, covering and detailing.
Published on 6/5/2000