We're on Final - Gear Down

  • 12/24/2009 by Jim Booker
  • Copyright:© 2009 Horizon Hobby, Inc.
E-flite Electric Retracts Make Installation Simple

Modelers have always wanted to put retracts in their new airplanes, but it has been something of a problem to make the install easy enough and reliable enough for sport fliers. Thanks to E-flite it is now so easy to install retracts in your new electric or small glow airplane that you will no longer have any excuses for the “gear hanging down" during those cool low, high speed, flybys at the RC field. At the same time people will be thinking that you are a master builder, at least until they see our video with John Redman showing how easy it is to complete the retract installation. There are no servos to hook up—only connect the retract "leads" to your receiver and you are done. The E-flite retractable landing gear is available as a standard two-wheel tail dragger or tricycle gear configuration and will fit many different airplanes.

Watch our video to see more about the E-flite retractable landing gear. Then consider building that "favorite" model you have been dreaming about but, this time, include the retracts!

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