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Posted:  Wednesday, October 29, 2003
Provider Name:  Model Airplane News
Issue:  October 2003
Written By:  The Model Airplane News Crew
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Model: 46% TOC Ultimate 10-300
Type: giant-scale biplane ARF
Manufacturer: Hangar 9
Distributor: Horizon Hobby Distributors
Wingspan: 100 in.
Wing area: 3,310 sq. in
Weight: 40 lb.
Wing loading: 27.85 oz./sq. ft.
Length: 110 in.
Engine req'd: 150 to 200cc gasoline engine
Engine used: Desert Aircraft DA-150
Radio req'd: 6-channel (with 15 servos)
Radio used: JR PCM 10X with 8411 servos (14) and an 8101 servo for throttle; three Duralite Plus battery packs used: one 2400mAh for receiver; two 3200mAh packs for servos.
Prop used: Mezjlik 32x10
Price: $1,699.99

Features: a factory-built fuselage and main hatch; a formed canopy; four wing panels; interplane struts and tail surfaces; a painted fiberglass engine cowl and wheel pants; a carbon-fiber landing gear; bolt-together aluminum cabane struts and a carbon-fiber top center rib; a tailwheel assembly; aluminum top and bottom wing tubes.

Comments: the Hangar 9 46% TOC Ultimate 10-300 is an impressive factory-built aerobatic biplane. Almost 1/2 scale, the model is a true ARF and comes covered in Hangar 9 Ultracote in a yellow, white, black and silver trim scheme. It is balsa and ply and has carbon fiber in key stress areas to produce a light and strong aircraft.

Designed by Mike McConville, the Ultimate has plug-in wings and removable tail surfaces that make transporting this aerobatic giant a bit easier!

• Excellent construction quality and craftsmanship.
• Easy assembly.
• Very strong composite landing gear.
• Wonderful flight characteristics.

• Must set up the top wing incidence and drill the carbon-fiber top center rib before final assembly.

It isn't every day that we get the chance to test-fly a company's very first production model to come into the country! When executive editor Debra Cleghorn told us that Horizon Hobby Distributors had requested that we review the brand-new, gigantic, 46% TOC Ultimate 10-300 from Hangar 9, we jumped at the chance! Talk about pressure! We would have less than two weeks to build, set up, fly, evaluate and photograph this big, beautiful biplane. We also had to meet a very short deadline to get the article in the October issue! This is one hell of a job, but someone has to do it—right?

Associate managing editor Jaime Studd shows off just how big the Ultimate 10-300 really is.

The first thing Rick Bell and I had to do was to find a local builder who was not only equipped for the task but also had plenty of giant-scale experience—someone we could count on to do the job right. Our old flying buddy Sal Manganaro of Newtown, CT, agreed to take on the project. To make things even better, Sal already had a Desert Aircraft DA-150 engine just waiting for an airplane.

After a few calls and a lunch meeting, we all agreed to our appointed tasks. Sal would build and pilot the finished 10-300, I would coordinate with the manufacturers of the accessories that we needed to complete the project, help Sal with the building tasks and turn his shop notes into the finished article. Rick would research and write about product information, set up the flying-field accommodations and assist Sal with the flight evaluation.

Gee, I just love it when a plan comes together! Were we successful? Check out this one-of-a-kind "Flight Test" and find out!

-Gerry Yarrish

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