UltraCote Tips & Tricks

  • 11/21/2001 by John Adams
  • Copyright:© 2001 Horizon Hobby, Inc.
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When your airplane sits out on a hot sunny day, you may notice that the covering bubbles and wrinkles. This is common with all brands of film covering, no matter what the manufacturers claim. But getting rid of those wrinkles is easy. You'll need a heat gun, a covering mitt, a wet washcloth, and a fine straight pin.

Heat the affected area, and notice how the air underneath the covering expands, making bubbles. As you continue to apply heat, moving in a 6" circle, it will release the adhesive bond. At first, several small bubbles will appear, but as you continue to work the area, the bubbles will join to form one large bubble. Now pop the bubble with the pin, and immediately wipe the area with a covering mitt to reattach the covering. It may take several attempts, and you'll get better after you do it a couple of times.

It's important to not stay in one place for very long with the heat gun, especially if you're working with a balsa-covered foam part, as warping and damage could occur. If the affected area is close to a seam, use the wet washcloth trick to prevent the seams from distorting and pulling apart.

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