UltraCote Tips & Tricks

  • 11/21/2001 by John Adams
  • Copyright:© 2001 Horizon Hobby, Inc.
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At 300°F, UltraCote will begin to shrink. Use this temperature after the covering is applied to tighten it, remove wrinkles and remove imperfections. It's amazing how many wrinkles can be removed at this temperature, and it's important to start removing imperfections at this minimum shrink 300° setting. UltraCote features a unique property that allows for a controlled shrink rate based on the selected temperature. While it begins to shrink at 300°, at 320°, UltraCote shrinks 18% of its total shrink rate (see chart). It's important to use the minimum temperature necessary to achieve a smooth wrinkle-free finish. Most modelers don't realize that to further shrink most brands of film covering, it must be heated above its previously exposed peak temperature. In other words, if a covering was already exposed to 320°, it will be necessary to go above 320° to further shrink the covering. Use the lowest temperature possible to achieve a smooth wrinkle-free finish at the start and you'll have the largest available shrink rate remaining, should you later need to shrink the film.
Watch out for…

Stay away from seam lines and edges! Remember, 300° is well above the adhesive activation temperature, and seams will pull away. If you have some stubborn wrinkles close to the seam line, try this trick. Soak a washcloth in cold water, then fold it twice and place it on the seam line, covering the seam but exposing the wrinkles. With your iron at 330°, quickly apply it to the wrinkled area (about 5-10 seconds). The washcloth will keep the seam cool, and prevent it from pulling apart and distorting.

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