UltraCote Tips & Tricks

  • 11/21/2001 by John Adams
  • Copyright:© 2001 Horizon Hobby, Inc.
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The adhesive is activated at just over 200° F. At the recommended application temperature of 220°, the adhesive reaches its full bonding strength. No shrinkage of the film occurs, so no distortion of the film takes place. Use the 220° application temperature when applying covering and when applying UltraCote trim pieces over UltraCote. Remember, if your iron is set at 220°, no shrinkage or distortion will occur, so there is no riskof distorting seams, trim lines or trim pieces and full bonding strength occurs.

Watch out for...

Don't press! Heat liquefies the adhesive, not pressure. Let the heat do the work and avoid gouges. It's natural to want to apply pressure, but it doesn't affect the bonding strength. If you're using a sock (highly recommended), it will be necessary to go more slowly over a given area, as it takes longer for the heat to penetrate the material. Some modelers turn up the heat to 240° when using a sock, but I prefer to stick with the 220° temperature and go at a slightly slower pace. This creates fewer air bubbles.

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