3D with Mike McConville (Part Two)

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Posted:  Wednesday, November 15, 2000
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Hangar 9's new Extra 330L will blow away almost any pilot wanting to fly aerobatics. When designing this model, I incorporated design features and enhancements learned from several years of Tournament of Champions and IMAC competition.

Does this mean the Extra is only for the serious competitor? Absolutely not! What it does mean is that the Extra is fine-tuned and tweaked to excel in both precision aerobatics and wild freestyle type 3D. So doing any aerobatics will be easier than it has ever been.

3D maneuvers (in simplest terms) are maneuvers performed by an airplane that are not usually done in a normal airplane flight path. You can do amazing things with a 3D-capable plane... hovering, hanging on the prop, tail-over-nose tumbling... things no ordinary plane can do. What makes a plane 3D capable? It starts with having outlandish pitch control from having huge elevators. The same applies, but not to the same extent, with rudder and ailerons. So for 3D aerobatics, the Extra 330L is an awesome performer.